Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Ready for Panopto: Record lectures in class or from your desktop

The Office of Academic Technology is about to offer Panopto, a flexible and easy-to-use presentation capture platform that lets faculty or staff capture, edit, stream, archive and share recordings that preserve critical knowledge.

Register for our Webinar on Friday, February 11 at Noon:
 In the mean time, explore these actual Panopto recordings from several higher ed institutions:
SaraFine Speaking Tour Series with Closed Captioning: Lawrence Lessig, Founder, Creative Commons, Professor of Law at Stanford University
Panopto sponsored the Sara Fine Institute's hosting of Lawrence Lessig, a renowned author and political activist. This is another good example of the power and utility of integrated, searchable closed captioning.

Northwest Interactive Whiteboard Recording: Northwest University
When SBI helped Northwest University outfit their classrooms with interactive whiteboards, they conducted a series of training sessions for faculty so that they could learn how to effectively use the new classroom technology. No one missed the training sessions because they were recorded with Panopto Focus!

UPittsburgh Podium Lecture: Nick Laudato, CIDDE, University of Pittsburgh
Nick Laudato introduces the original version of Panopto Focus to the University of Pittsburgh system. This example demonstrates good videography, audio quality and overall high production processes.
CMU Desktop Presentation: Carnegie Mellon University
This is a great example of a simple desktop recording. Professor Lee used an off the shelf DV camera to record an introduction to his incoming students.
CMU Two Camera / Hi-Resolution Recording: Carnegie Mellon University, Genetics Class Lecture
Many professors depend on chalkboards or other non-digital presentation tools, and this is where our our multi-camera, high-definition support comes in handy.
MiamiDade Focus Case Study: Miami-Dade College
Mark Nestor, CIO of Miami-Dade College's Medical Campus, gives an overview of lecture capture technology, including a run-down of Panopto Focus use at MDC.
CornwallLebanon How-To Video: Lebanon-Cornwall School District
We love this example. It is an innovative use of Panopto Focus to create a quick-and-dirty "how to" for use of projector systems. We use this internally!

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  1. I am very excited for these lecture captures to start posting. What a great way to earn your degree while at home. I feel like this is the perfect solution for stay-at-home mothers or for people who are too sick to go to school.