Friday, October 28, 2011

National Distance Learning Week - November 7-11, 2011

Time: 1 - 2:00 pm (ET)
Topic: Online Learning - Will the growth continue?
Todd A. Hitchcock, USDLA Board Member
Senior Vice President, Online Solutions & Business Development, Pearson

Over the past decade, the growth in students taking online courses in K-12 and Higher Education has outstripped the increase in the number of students enrolling in traditional programs.  We know the numbers and we know the 'whys' but the question is, will this trend continue and if so, what will the enablers be?  Join this webinar to explore a number of potential enablers and to discuss what the next 'big thing' could be to spur the growth in online learning or disrupt it.

Time: 1-2:00 pm (ET)
Topic: Learning Styles: Do they really matter?
Dr. Jolly T. Holden, USDLA Chair Emeritus
Advisory Board Chair, American InterContinental University

The recurring debate concerning the efficacy of learning styles and their impact on learning outcomes has been reflected in the literature for the past 60 years. Research has not overwhelmingly supported the premise that learning styles are a useful variable when designing instruction for adult learners. Since the goal of designing instruction is to attain the desired learning outcomes, the question one must answer is: Do learning styles really matter? In this his lively webinar, learning styles will be defined and differentiated from learning modalities, and based upon the research, why learning styles are not useful variables when predicting learning outcomes.
Time: 1-2:00 pm (ET)
Topics: Virtual Worlds / Mobile Learning
Dr. Keysha Gamor
Virtual World Consultant

This webinar will explore the new mobile learning environment and how it is changing the way the world learns and interacts in a global multi-billion dollar education and training market. In addition, it will provide an overview of virtual worlds while examining popular virtual world applications.  This session will also help you to frame an understanding of virtual worlds and their appropriate application.

Time: 1-2:00 pm (ET)
Topic: Developing, Maintaining, and Growing a State Chapter
Ken Conn
USDLA Board Member and Senior Vice President for State Chapters
Director of Houston Education, Data Projections

Louis Stricoff
Executive Director, PA/DE/NJ Distance Learning Association
Business Development Manager

Janet Major
USDLA Board Member and Arizona Distance Learning Association - Past President
Technical Coordinator Arizona Telemedicine Program
Distance Program Coordinator, BioCommunications
The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center

As the title states, this session will focus on developing, maintaining, and growing a state chapter of the United States Distance Learning Association.  You will have the opportunity to learn with various state chapter leaders who will share their experiences.

Time: 1-2:00 pm (ET)
Topic: Brain-based Learning
Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, (Sc.D.MIT)
USDLA, Director of Research
The International Center for Distance Learning Research and Praxis (ICDLRP)

This webinar will explore how the brain is comprised of billions of neurons (brain cells) connected with trillions of "synaptic" connections between the neurons. Recent research indicates that learning happens in a human brain when a group of neurons are able to form a network passing information between them in the form of electro-chemical signals. Brain-based learning has the potential to enable curriculum content to be adapted to individualized learning pathways ensuring an increase in learning effectiveness and efficiency as well as improvement in student engagement and evaluation measurements.

Monday, October 24, 2011

PADLA 9th Annual Conference & Expo

Join us for our 9th Annual Conference & Expo featuring: keynote address "The Future Has Moved... And Left No Forwarding Address" by Hank Moore , a noted futurist and author.

There are 15 concurrent sessions in 3 tracks (Corporate, Academic, Developer/ID) presented by regional practitioners and experts, a Vendor Expo, Awards, food, over 200 attendees, and much much more.
Date: 18 Nov 2011
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Temple University Ambler Campus
Cost: $100 (including continental breakfast and lunch)
  • "How Long Will It Take? And What Will It Cost: The Art of Pre-Planning & Proposal Writing" by LRA Worldwide
  • "Free Tools & Resources to Build Better e-Learning" by Susan Boyd Associates 
  • "All Aboard, Everywhere:A Case Study in On-Boarding a Distributed Population" by Pearson VUE
  • "The Future of Learning: Today" by Sealworks Interactive Studios
  • "Beyond Learning: Using Technology to Support Performance" by Devereux
  • "Teaching Public Speaking Totally OnLine" by Bucks County Community College
  • "One Tool at a Time: OnLine French Classes" by Temple University FGIS
  • "The Business Tree: Growth Strategies & Tactics for Surviving and Thriving" by Hank Moore 
  • "Can a Game Prepare You to Teach & Train?" by simSchool
  • "Steps to be Taken When You Decide to Teach OnLine" by Temple University OnLine Teaching Circle
  • "Outsourced! Business Case of Offshore e-Learning Development" by Tyco Electronics
  • "Ten Tips for Teaching Science Totally OnLine" by Ocean County College
  • "Strategies for OnLine & Live Compliance Training" by Lernia Training Solutions 
  • "Information Design in an Ubiquitous World" by Vertex, Inc 
  • "Merrill Lynch: Bullish on Mobile Learning: A Case Study" by Intuition