Monday, August 2, 2010

Online Seminar: "Online Group Work: Making It Meaningful and Manageable"

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Please join us for this online seminar.

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT
Place: Woodland 117

Collaborative assignments often elicit a negative reaction among undergraduate students. But in the eyes of potential employers and in academics, they are vitally important. With the increasing popularity of online courses, instructors need to have clear, effective methods of creating, implementing, and grading group projects. Group projects are not “one size fits all,” but applying proven techniques can make them a “win-win.”

Change the perception and the results with Online Group Work: Making It Meaningful and Manageable. When explained, implemented, and graded effectively, online group projects can be among students’ most satisfying and valuable academic experiences. This 60-minute audio online seminar covers every element of the process.

Attendees will learn about...
• Teaching students HOW to work in asynchronous groups
• Creating assignments that meet academic needs and function within the online framework
• Changing the perception of group work by increasing student investment, and getting the virtual classroom to “buy-in”
• Streamlining structure and supervision to manageable levels
• Showing students efficiencies in group work, allowing better use of cognitive energy

A Crucial Topic
The seminar is designed for faculty, course designers, instructional technologists, online administrators, and others involved in the online course experience. Get an in-depth look at the Web 2.0 tools vital to the online group project experience. Attendees will have access to checklists, rubrics, additional readings, and guidelines for every step.

Experienced presenter
Dr. Jean Mandernach
Dr. Jean Mandernach is a true innovator in online instruction. Her research and published work focuses on enhancing student learning through new assessment techniques and teaching frameworks. She currently serves as professor of Psychology and Online Learning at Park University.

Bring questions
Have questions about online group work? Be sure to bring them to this live seminar for the opportunity to receive a response from our expert.