Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paul Halpern Presents "Edge of the Universe"

Chat with Paul Halpern, Professor of Physics at USciences and the author of 13 popular science books, about the frontiers of scientific knowledge about the universe. It will be your chance to ask him questions about dark matter, dark energy, the holographic principle, time travel, dark flow, black holes, the fate of the cosmos, or anything else you've wondered about the universe.

This live and interactive discussion of modern ideas in cosmology will be available on Thursday, December 6, from 3:00PM – 4:00PM EST on Shindig (a new video chat platform for giving online readings, talks or interviews in front of an online audience).

For more information on Paul's book, please visit:

Monday, November 5, 2012



PADLA is pleased to announce that the 10th Annual Distance/e-Learning/m-Learning/Educational Technology Conference & Expo will be held on Friday, 11/16/12, at Temple University's beautiful Ambler Campus.

Our keynote speaker will be, Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner of Future Workplace and co-author of "2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow's Employees Today".

Also featured during this full-day event will be 15 presentations in 3 tracks, including our own Rich Cosgriff presenting on "Using Apple TV to Unleash the True Power of Mobile Teaching & Learning".

The vendor expo and food are all included for only $100 (which includes a full year 2013 membership)!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What makes MOOCs like Coursera so great?

Watch this TED Talk video from one of Coursera's founders Daphne Koller to find the answers about this MOOC, for example...
  • Universal free access to education
  • Videos that pause and ask a questions
  • Modularized content that does away with "one size fits all"
  • Personalized tutoring and feedback
  • Immediate help from peers across the globe