Sunday, March 7, 2010

Organizing Blended Courses for Optimal Student Engagement

Mark you calendar! Join us and participate in this Academic Tech Webinar Series event.

Blended Learning
Despite the growing acceptance and recognized benefits of online education, many instructors and students discover they miss the dynamics of a face-to-face class. A blended course, which combines traditional class time with online learning elements, has emerged as a powerful solution that provides the best of both worlds.

When done correctly, a blended (or hybrid) course leads to more productive in-class time and more engaged learning outside of class, ultimately improving learning outcomes. Plus, as an added bonus, blended learning provides much-needed relief for overbooked classrooms at a time when most capital improvement projects have been put on hold.

Faculty Focus invites you to join Dr. Ike Shibley of Penn State for a live video seminar guaranteed to inspire you to think more creatively about how to use blended course delivery to get students actively involved with their course material.

Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Where: Griffith Hall Room 110-C

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In Organizing Blended Courses for Optimal Student Engagement, Dr. Shibley will address the unique pedagogical challenges of blended learning, and the proven strategies and technologies he uses with his students.
This online seminar will cover:
  • Effective blended techniques before, during and after class
  • Using clickers to create a more active classroom
  • Ways to reach higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy with clicker questions
  • How to write quiz questions that encourage students to rehearse material
  • Best methods to increase engagement through blended course design
  • How blended learning makes assessment easier
There’s never been a better time for blended learning. Sign-up for this strategy-filled seminar today!

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