Thursday, October 15, 2009

E-Textbooks: Are We There Yet?

Is this the year of the e-book? Almost everyone has heard of the Amazon Kindle by now and more news about e-book readers seem to come out every day. Barnes and Noble is about to launch their own e-book reader (Image Via Gizmodo). Amazon is releasing a new Kindle for use in Europe. Sony has been in the e-book game for years and continues to release new models, e.g., a wireless model is due this holiday season. However, the most popular e-book reader may already be in your pocket -- the iPhone.

While most e-book news tends to be focused on the readers, how about the e-books themselves or, more important for academia, e-textbooks? It's one thing to flip through black and white novels on a monochrome Kindle and another to do research and take notes using a library of colorful large format textbooks on a portable electronic device. When will our students trade in their 40 pound backpacks for a thin, light weight, colorful e-book reader? Are we there yet?

Find out by tuning into the next episode in our Academic Technology Webinar Series on Friday, October 23 at Noon. Get the details on our Campus Portal or Angel Learning System.

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