Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogging at the University of the Sciences and Beyond

Blog is a shorthand term that means “Web log”, an online, chronological collection of personal commentary and links. It's very easy to create and use blogs anywhere there is an Internet connect. This form of Internet publishing has become an established communications tool and an alternative to mainstream media publications.

Attend our Academic Tech Webinar Series on blogging on Friday, October 9. You "attend" from the comfort of your own office via GoToMeeting webinar software. You'll be able to view my PC's desktop and hear me as I present, demonstrate and answer your questions. You can participate via a PC headset (highly recommended), phone, or just "lurk and learn" while eating your lunch. If you don't have a headset and don't want to make a toll call, you can ask questions using text chat.
  • Learn about the history of blogging
  • Learn how to find, subscribe and read blogs
  • Learn how to setup a free personal blog using Blogger and Feedburner
  • Learn how to contribute to the USP Experts blog
  • Learn how to setup a blog on Angel
  • Learn the benefits of blogs in education and research
Find out more and register on our Campus Portal or Angel LMS.

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