Thursday, May 12, 2016

Active Learning Spaces Symposium @PhiladelphiaU

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The Active Learning Space Symposium at Philadelphia University on August 12 features presentations that highlight evidence-based and experimental processes in the design, implementation and assessment of active learning spaces.  The forum provides an excellent opportunity to share experiences and thoughts about the way the built environment and technologies can support, nurture, and optimize active learning pedagogies. 
As a participant, you will:
  • Learn best practices to optimize engagement and buy-in from all stake-holders in the design and implementation of active learning spaces
  • Garner tips and lessons learned in the assessment process of space, furniture and technology
  • Gain valuable insight into the ways in which active learning spaces and technologies foster active, collaborative, and real world pedagogies and skills
  • Take a glimpse into the future of active learning spaces
  • Network with knowledgeable folks who have implemented active learning space initiatives

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