Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Distance Learning Week

The United States Distance Learning Association is an organization that promotes awareness of modern learning methods through technology. During the week of November 10-14, 2014, organizations across the country educate their constituents on the growth in distance learning and showcase local accomplishments.

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  • Achievement Badging: Certificates and Certifications for Lifelong Learning
  • Adapting to Competency-Based Learning: An Industry Perspective
  • Adding Game Elements to Online Courses: It’s Not That Hard!
  • An Instructional Designer Supported Approach to Accelerated Online Course Development
  • Connect, Collaborate, Serve, Learn: A Virtual Pathway to Educational Success
  • Connecting Pathways to K12 Videoconferencing
  • Continuous Improvement in quality course design - what is Quality Matters?
  • Distance Learning Resources in Telehealth
  • Engaging Online Students in the Career Development/Job Placement Process
  • Enhancing Faculty Performance Through Coaching; The Walden University Coaching Model
  • Exploring the Promise of Student Personal Learning Networks
  • First Course Success: Using Data to Predict Program Success
  • Five M's to Training
  • Follow Positive Faculty Instructional Technology Adoption Strategies @SCADeLearning
  • Helping Your Students Connect Their Learning
  • How Easy Can Connections Get?
  • If You PLEs ... You'll Thank Me Later
  • Integrating Emerging Technologies and Information Literacy in Online Learning
  • Leveraging the Model UN for Truly Global Learning Communities
  • Mythbusters - Putting Online Testing to the Test
  • Professional Development Resources for the Department of Defense
  • The Impact of Transformational Technology on Collaboration and Innovation in the Classroom
  • The State of State Authorization and Professional Licensure
  • Too young for social media? We think not!
  • USDLA State Chapters Program Overview
  • Videoconferencing Solutions Connecting Leaders, Teachers and Students in Learning Networks
  • Virtual Clinical Experiences for the Developing Teacher
  • Where Competency Based Education is Leading Us: Interviews from the field
  • Why Thurgood Marshall College Fund Is Building Blended Lab Schools

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