Monday, March 17, 2014

PADLA: eLearning Legal Issues and ApprenNet

I'd like to alert you to two presentations this week concerning eLearning Legal Issues and ApprenNet. If you are doing more teaching online, I'm sure you'd like to know how to make it interactive, engaging, social and legal!

Register NOW for PADLA this Wednesday, March 19, to learn about eLearning legal issues. It's being held at our neighbor Drexel University School of Law.

We are pleased to have Dina Leytes, Practice Group Chair, Intellectual Property and New Media, at Griesing Law, give a presentation entitled:

Understanding Content Ownership Issues in Online Education

This interactive presentation will address issues that pertain to content ownership in online education:
  • Using third party copyrighted content with permission
  • Fair use theory and practice
  • Creating contracts that address ownership of multi-media materials
  • Updating work-for-hire and institutional IP policies for online learning
  • ApprenNet
The second presentation at PADLA this Wednesday is on ApprenNet.

We are happy to have Karl Okamoto the co-founder and CEO of ApprenNet LLC give a presentation entitled:

How to Make E-Learning Interactive, Engaging and Social

The heart of many e-learning solutions is a video presentation which is often passive, isolating and dull. Professor Okamoto has developed a training method that retains the efficiency of traditional e-learning while re-inserting the interaction, engagement and community that face-to-face and small group learning offers. He will demonstrate this innovative training method and share use cases from both corporate training and academia.

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