Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Learn about Blackboard from the President

Because USciences is moving from Angel to Blackboard, I thought our faculty and staff might like to hear my interview with the President of Blackboard Learn...

RPP #91: Interview: Ray Henderson on Blackboard Learn - Part 1

Ray Henderson
  • Interview: Ray Henderson, President of Blackboard's teaching and learning division, Blackboard Learn
    • Hear about the key differences for faculty between Angel and Blackboard 9.1
    • Hear about Blackboard's future direction, including
    • How the purchase of iStrategy relates to Blackboard Outcomes

RPP #92: Interview: Ray Henderson on Blackboard Learn - Part 2

  • Interview: Ray Henderson, President of Blackboard Learn
    • Learn about Blackboard's ePortfolios offerings, and
    • Open Database Inititative
    • Open-source competition
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