Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learn How Villanova Uses Class Capture to Generate Revenue (captured by Mediasite)

I'd like to illustrate two points with one presentation...

Here is a link to a presentation by Dr. Seán O'Donnell, Director of Distance Education, College of Engineering at Villanova University. The real title of the presentation is "Recession Proof Lecture Capture: Using Mediasite to Turn Your Classroom into Cash." He discusses outcomes, both financial (ROI) and educational.

"Not long ago Villanova University’s College of Engineering faced mounting expenses, stagnant enrollment and the changing tide to offer degrees online. Sean O’Donnell, Director of Distance Education, saw an opportunity to use course capture to transform what was originally a small, regional graduate program into a national online success.

By launching an online lecture program via Mediasite, the College increased graduate enrollment by 50 percent and expanded their offerings to 4 fully online Master’s degrees with students in 35 states and four countries. The program that started with a $3,000 grant is now transformed into educational system that generates over $1 million in gross tuition, all without a single tuition or fee increase."

Of course, his presentation was capture with Mediasite, so it is a good example of the kind of high quality lecture capture with video that we'll be able to accomplish soon at USP (stay tuned).

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